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Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do we use to service and repair gearboxes?

At Gearbox Mobile, industry approved tools are used, ensuring that the job is completed in an efficient time and providing the highest quality repair possible.

How do I know your repair will be a reliable solution?

All our gearbox repairs and maintenance work come with a 12 month warranty to put your mind at rest.

My gearbox is slipping out of gears, does this mean I need a gearbox replacement?

Faults like these can be caused by a variety of reasons and very rarely will you require a new transmission. We can quickly locate the problem using the latest Mercedes Benz approved diagnostic equipment and only repair and replace parts that require it.

How much does a gearbox repair or rebuild cost?

Each repair job is unique and we do not quote until we are sure that we have correctly diagnosed the problem, ultimately saving you money. Repairs are completed to the highest quality and our Mercedes Benz trained mechanics ensure a quality of service that is competitive with Mercedes Benz main dealers but at up to half the cost. Call us today with your problem to discuss your gearbox fault further.

How long does a gearbox repair take?

For minor repairs and check ups, we aim to get your car back to you the very same day. For larger repairs you may need to leave your car with us, where we will repair the transmission as quickly as possible. Contact us to find out more.

My gearbox is leaking fluid. Is this a costly repair?

This could be caused by a variety of reasons, but more often than not a quick diagnosis results in needing only minor adjustments or repairs. We need to see your vehicle before we can quote on a repair. It is important to get a gearbox leak repaired quickly to ensure that a small problem does not turn into a costly repair job. Contact one of our technicians to see if you can drive your car or we may need to recover your vehicle back to our workshop.